Download the 'Horse Dynamics Stabling Agreement' here'

January 2016 - If you are interested in taking up a stable or two for your hoofed friend, contact us here.  Our stables are located 4.5 km east from the Hans Strijdom Drive and Lynnwood Road crossing.  Close to Silver Lakes and the Hazeldean shopping complex.

Cost per stable: R3100 per month (horse) / R2900 per month (pony)

Price breakdown: (Please download the 'Horse Dynamics Stabling Agreement' for the most recent information)

Brick stable R300.00
Large grassy paddock R300.00
Muck out stable R15 per day
Grooming R10 per day
Feeding twice/three times daily R5 per day
Food (concentrate and roughage) According to your horse's requirement
Shavings R15 per bag (R350 – R400 per month)

Horse Dynamics has a well-equipped and secure stable yard.  At present, stabling for 24 horses is available.  The premises are enclosed with palisade fencing.  Eight capable grooms are employed, ensuring that each horse receives sufficient attention.  10 Hectares of paddocks are available where the horses spend daytime.  The horses are provided with sufficient grass and clean water.

Horse Dynamics personally see to feedings to ensure effective and efficient diets for the horses.  Horses are fed two or three times per day, depending on the horse and its level of activity.  Any request from our clients is strictly adhered to.  All horses are groomed regularly and checked for ticks and injuries. Water, feed buckets and grass nets are provided.

Derby Show Jumping arena together with a dressage arena and double lungeing ring are available for horse riding.  Outrides are also possible.  The stable fee currently is R3100 / R2900 per month.  The fees are subject to change based upon the cost of grass, feed, labour, shavings, maintenance, rent, etc.  We pride ourselves on the excellent and healthy condition of the Horse Dynamics horses.

All of the above are included in the stable fees.  Items specifically excluded are fees for veterinary requirements and shoeing.  Vaccinations must be up to date.

If you would like more information please contact us or visit us by appointment.

You are always welcome at Horse Dynamics.