We offer pony parties at a venue of your choice or at our premises on Friday afternoons and Saturdays.

We are geared to transport our grooms and horses to your premises of choice in the City of Tshwane area.

*A travelling surcharge per bakkie, trailer and driver will be applicable, depending on the distance to be travelled.  Please arrange the necessary access for our grooms and bakkie driver if access control is enforced at your premises. If more than 3 horses/ponies need to be transported, allow ample time for us to load, transport and unload the horses/ponies.

Time slot available: 
14h00 to 17h00;
Or call our office to discuss

Venue hiring fee: 

R900 for 3 hours (includes gazebo's, tables and chairs for adults and straw bales for children)

R400 extra we provide a kettle and cutlery (cups & saucers, side plates, teaspoons, cake forks, glasses and table cloths).  Includes servettes, coffee, tea, milk and sugar.

There is a refrigerator freezer combination for ice cream cakes and for your drinks.

Braai facilities: We have braai facilities if you want to have a braai. Bring your own charcoal.

If you need assistance with decorations, party packs and delicious sweet & savoury platters for parents, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ponies for hire:

No need for any experienced riders, the kids will bond quickly with the horses.

  • A single pony/horse + one groom for two hours will cost R950.00 (1-5 children, R950.00/horse)

  • Two ponies/horses for two hours + two grooms will cost R1 800.00 (6-10 children, R900.00/horse)

  • Three ponies/horses for two hours + three grooms will cost R2 550.00 (11-15 children, R850.00/horse)
  • Four ponies/horses for two hours + four grooms will cost R3 200.00 (15-20 children, R800.00/horse)
This fee includes a dedicated groom to look after each horse, guide the horse and to ensure rider safety.

We are geared to offer horse riding parties with the following themes available at an additional cost of R250 per theme:

‘Cowboy/Cowgirl’ - We entertain the riders with some ‘boeresport’ activities (bag race, egg and spoon race, potato race and carrot race) on and off

horseback, while feeding the horses is also a big hit.

‘Camelot’ - Older riders could learn how to groom a pony and use different accessories, put on the bridle, tack up/saddle a pony, fill a hay net and

enjoy pony cart rides.

‘Indiana Jones’ - Riders get the chance to plait a pony's mane, paint the pony beautifully and wash the pony afterwards 'till bubbles start to come.

As the children’s concentration span is VERY limited once they are released on our smallholding, more horses/ponies equate to happier children.

... lots of fun guaranteed!