Therapeutic Horse-riding at Horse Dynamics

Herewith a brief explanation of therapeutic horse riding and the service we provide:

Therapeutic horse riding as extramural activity

Horse Dynamics would like to present to you the wonderful, almost “magical” effect that horse-people-togetherness can have on various aspects of humanity.

Sir Winston Churchill said many years ago:  “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Wounded soldiers were put on horseback centuries ago and Hippokrates wrote about the “healing value” of the rythmic movement of the horse.  Why specifically the horse?  I think the Lord created all those wonderful features in a horse.  The greatness, pride, strength, love, playfullness, loyalty – a friend until death do us part.  All those features which lend a horse so wonderful to the healing of the human body, soul and spirit.  Therapeutic horseriding uses the horse and its environment to facilitate and master sensory motory activities.  It is great fun and stimulating at the same time!

Equi therapy

Equi therapy is based on the movement of the fluid in the inner ear.  To be able to learn, our body has to observe and our brain has to organise and digest these observations.  It has been proved years ago already that learning problems like low muscle tone, trunk rotation, spatial orientation, midline crossing, eye movements, attention deficit disorder and others arise from a disfunction of the sensory integration system;  the organising of observations therefore does not develop correctly.  The pony’s three-dimensional, rythmic movement activates the vestibular movement of the fluid in the inner ear, which opens up the communication channels between our observervatory system and the two hemispheres of the brain.  With toddlers more susceptible to the learning process, problems experienced by the child can by addressed through various motory development games being played on horseback.  (Please Google:  Therapeutic horse riding.) 

Horse riding holds tremendous advantages for toddlers with or without problems.  

We specifically concentrate on pre-school children between a proposed age of 2 years and 6 years.  It has already been proved as the critical period of opportunities for the overall development of children.  Be assured that your toddler’s safety will always be our first priority and that we only use child-friendly ponies and capable staff.


What does equi therapy offer the rider?

Therapeutic horse riding is a unique opportunity for any toddler:

·         where therapy is fun;

·         where contact is made with an animal and self-image is built;

·         where horse riding and caring skills are developed.

What can you expect from a therapeutic session?

In Equi-therapy, the therapist, the leaders, the ponies and preschoolers all form the therapy team.  Each member of the team plays a unique role to ensure the child receives the best and most effective treatment.  Our therapy process includes teaching them horse riding skills.  The riders participate in a group therapy session that is generally divided into 10 minutes upper body exercises, 10 minutes lower body and 10 minutes horse riding skills.  The therapist's role is to assist with mounting and dismounting procedures, to supervise the pony's activity during treatment and to orchestrate therapy for the child on the horse.  The leader is very horse knowledgeable and maintains control of the pony's movement as directed by the therapist. He provides stability to the child and assists with exercises as directed by the therapist.  The pony provides a consistent and rhythmic movement pattern that facilitates the treatment goals, which are crucial  to the child’s success.

Horse Dynamics undertakes to always be on time, friendly and act in the best interest of the toddler in order to make every lesson an unforgettable experience!

Fee structure (2018)
Annual administration fee (once-off): R200.00

Includes a FREE Pink Pony voucher to the value of R50.00.

Quarterly fee: R989.00/month (group lesson on a weekly basis)

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