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Horse Dynamics cc (hereinafter referred to as “Horse Dynamics”, which term shall include the owner of the property, owner of the horses and all staff)

I, the undersigned, being an adult, hereby agree as follows:

1.    I acknowledge and accept that the dangers inherent in horse riding have been explained to me and I fully understand the nature of the risk and the need for the rider to take all reasonable precautions.

2.    I accept and voluntarily assume the risk inherent to my participation in horse riding activities and I, together with my heirs, executors and administrators release Horse Dynamics, its officers, stewards, agents and representatives from any duty or care towards myself and from liability from all or any claims that could accrue to myself or my heirs, executors or administrators arising out of my participation in horse riding or any related activities, or of any loss of or damage to my property (whether physical, emotional and/or financial) from any cause whatsoever and I further indemnify and hold harmless associated person against any claims however the same may arise.

3.    Such horse riding activities will include but not be limited to riding, working with horses on foot, generally being on the premises for the purpose of taking instruction or any other activity undertaken by participants in riding lesson.

4.    In the event of an accident involving myself there is no obligation on Horse Dynamics to secure for my medical treatment, however, I do hereby authorise Horse Dynamics to act in my best interest, which may include obtaining the necessary emergency medical treatment, which shall be for my account.  In such an event, Horse Dynamics will advise the contact person listed herein of the situation at the earliest possible opportunity but is authorised to secure medical treatment without prior consultation.

5.    Neither Horse Dynamics nor its staff shall be liable for any loss or damage to property brought to Horse Dynamics, for example money, cell phones and clothing.

6.    I acknowledge that any vehicle/property brought onto the premises is solely at my risk and Horse Dynamics will not be liable for any damage that may be caused to such vehicle/property as a result of any of the staff, horses or ponies while on the premises.  I further acknowledge that animals may have reason to be in the same area as vehicles while on the property and that such action shall not be deemed to be negligent by Horse Dynamics in so far as I have been warned of such a situation.

7.   I further acknowledge that no protective riding equipment is provided by Horse Dynamics and that the use of such equipment, especially a protective helmet, is highly recommended.  Should I wish to make use of such equipment it will be my responsibility to provide it.  In the event that I do make use of riding equipment available at Horse Dynamics, Horse Dynamics management make no representations and give no warranty as to the suitability, effectiveness or fit of the said equipment, which is used solely at my own risk.

8.    All riders will need the following riding gear items (Available on-line at 

  • Jodhpur boots (closed shoes with a slight heel, no flip-flops or crocs allowed)
  • Jodhpurs, slacks (exercise pants or leggings will work as well)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Horse riding helmet

       You can buy these items from our on-line store at a reduced rate when using a discount voucher.

9.    We harbor horses and employ permanent assistants so as to provide the required basic facilities.  The expenses associated herewith are a constant, irrespective of weather conditions, illnesses, and absence of school or holidays.  Therefore, regardless of conditions in weather, illnesses, absence, holidays or cancellations of whatever reason, the quarterly tariff will be maintained.

10.   Makeup lessons are offered as a courtesy only when the following conditions are met and should be taken within four weeks of the originally scheduled lesson.  Once scheduled, the makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled.  It is my own responsibility to schedule all makeup lessons.

10.1.    Bad weather:  Horse riding does continue, regardless of the weather conditions.  If the weather is too adverse to ride in, only one lesson each month could be rescheduled when there is lightning and heavy rain, alternatively theory lessons are given.  If in doubt, call us to confirm the lesson.  Also be aware, if there has been a spell of heavy rain, the footing in the arenas may be too wet to ride, even though the sun is now shining brightly.  On rare occasions, lessons will have to be cancelled after the rider has arrived.  Please be aware that every effort is made to keep this from happening, but it is the rider’s safety that is at the forefront of this decision.

10.2.    Illness:  Should a lesson NOT be cancelled before 13:00 pm on weekdays or 7:00 am on Saturdays, the lesson fee remains payable to Horse Dynamics and the lesson will not be caught up at a later stage.  No exceptions will be made.

11.   I understand that it is the instructor’s prerogative to allocate riders into the appropriate group. NOVICE GROUP lessons (1 - 4 riders, / 30 min on lead rein or 45 min off lead rein) or ADVANCE GROUP lessons (4 - 8 riders, 60 min off lead rein).

12.   Time scheduled for riders lesson is based on time spent in the arena, (unless other arrangements are made) therefore you need to arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of time and be in the arena mounted at the scheduled time.  Should riders arrive more than 10 minutes late for 30min lesson or 15 minutes late for 45 or 60 minutes lesson, the rider will be refused entrance and the lesson will be forfeit because it disrupted riders already in the saddle.

13.   End-of-the-year evaluation reports and/or certificates will only be released to paid-up accounts.

14.   I agree that photographic and/or video material taken during activities may be used for training or marketing purposes.

15.   I hereby consent to the Jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court (in terms of Section 45 of the Magistrate’s Court Act) for the district of Pretoria.

16.   I hereby consent to accounts and any other documentation to be sent to me via e-mail to the address as stipulated.  I can opt-out from any newsletter or marketing material sent by Horse Dynamics at any time.

17.   I have read and understand the payment terms and conditions on the Payment Schedule which forms an integral part of this enrollment form.




The quarterly fee will be proportionally collected monthly.  If your child participates in horse riding during the 4th quarter, the final debit order will be collected on the 24th of December 2018.

Annual Administration fee (once-off): R200.00 (includes a FREE Pink Pony voucher to the value of R50.00)

Monthly fee by automated debit order: R989.00 per rider for group lessons

Discount: 5% family discount applicable to 2nd and 3rd child

I/we hereby request and authorise you to draw against my/our account with the abovementioned bank (or any other bank or branch to which I/we may transfer my/our account) the sum of R989.00 (nine hundred and eighty nine rand).  Debit orders are collected on the 27th of each month or on the day prior to the 27th in the event where the 27th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.  This being the amount necessary for the settlement of the monthly fee due to you in respect of our enrolment and indemnity agreement.

All such withdrawals from my/our account by you shall be treated as though they had been signed by me/us personally.  I/we the undersigned "instruct" and authorise your agent Sage Pay, to draw against my/our account.  I/we understand that if bank details have been supplied, the withdrawals authorised here will be processed by BankServ.  I/we also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on my/our statement.

I/we agree to pay any banking charges relating to this debit order instruction.

This debit order will automatically be cancelled on the 24th of December 2018.  Please refer to the cancellations clause of this agreement.


To cancel this agreement before the 24th of December 2018 and discontinue riding, one full calendar month’s written notice from the first day of the month is required.  The parent/guardian of the child undertakes not to give notice of withdrawal during the month of November or December (regardless of whether the child is returning the following year).  The final date on which notice of withdrawal can take place is the 1st of October for the end of October 2018.  Submit cancellations to us in writing and fax to 086.655.3608 or e-mail to

Please refer to for the most up-to-date contact information. 


Annual Administration fee (once-off): R200.00 (includes a FREE Pink Pony voucher to the value of R50.00)

Quarterly Fees: R2 967.00 per school term for group lessons tendered only by EFT payment

Discount: 5% family discount applicable to 2nd and 3rd child

1st Term:                   During 16 January – 28 March 2018 (10 weeks)                          Last day of payment 27 January 2018

2nd Term:                  During 10 April – 23 June 2018 (11 weeks)                                    Last day of payment 7 April 2018

3rd Term:                   During 17 July – 29 September 2018 (11 weeks)                               Last day of payment 7 July 2018

4th Term:                   During 9 October – 1 December 2018 (8 weeks)                     Last day of payment 7 October 2018

Please note:

Quarterly fees, paid by EFT, are to be paid in advance within 7 (seven) days of the month of enrolment and subsequently before the 7th (seventh) of the month of each new Gauteng public school termWe are enforcing a strict “payment in advance” policy to all EFT clients.  Horse Dynamics cc reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts and/or cease offering classes to the client.

Please refer to the debit order instruction form for an easy hassle-free monthly payment option.  For all accounts handed over for collection, the cost of the account will be calculated on an attorney/client scale which will be for the cost of the client.

No cash payments will be accepted.  Submit proof of payment to us by faxing it to 086.655.3608 or e-mail it to

Please refer to  for the most up-to-date contact information.

Bank details (EFT or direct deposits):

Horse Dynamics cc
FNB Cheque Account
Branch name: Menlyn Square
Branch code: 252445
Account: 62124532161

* Reference number: Important – CLIENT NUMBER - Please use your mobile number if we haven't yet allocated a client number to you.


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