Own your own Horse Dynamics franchise in 2015

After 8 successful years we are now in the process in expanding into South Africa using a franchising model.

The prospective franchisee will have access to the same web enabled accounting systems, debit order collection services, client and rider management systems, SMS and e-mail marketing systems, graphic designers, programmers and insight to our billing and training models with an established brand. If all of this sounds too much like a computer shop don’t worry we offer a managed and owner-managed option. Read on.

We’ve tried and tested dozens of different systems and over time commissioned our own. The biggest challenge for us was to get a good balance between living our passion, namely horse riding therapy and the day-to-day administrative tasks. These less enjoyable tasks are crucial to ensure sustainability.  We’ve replaced most of these processes with automated systems to allow our staff to be out of the office spending as much time with the children and horses.

The ideal franchisee will be someone within 10kms of a city or town, with his/her own plot or similar premises, at least one horse, a groom, trailer and a suitable vehicle… and must love children… and horses.

We will be offering two franchising models. If you’ve got the manpower and passion to drive your own processes we’ll be setting up your own systems to manage clients and collect payments. The second option will allow you to focus on the core business to offer a quality service and to give you enough time to ease into the administrative tasks of running a successful therapeutic riding school.

We’ll license and manage the franchise group through Horse Broker (Pty) Ltd